Saturday 1 December 2012

Dear Santa Claus!

Dear Santa Claus!

I didn’t write to You for a long time. Last time probably in kindergarten and then You gave me angina instead of skis. No, no, no! I will not remind you that – oh no. I'm not so unforgiving but ... :P

Since then passed some water in the river and even I'm getting more and more similar to you - yes, yes, the first gray hair on my forehead, sweet curves and so on... Well you know himself how it is ;)

Previous gift from You remind me the old days and nights when pored over the enlarger inhaling fumes fuser watching the first emerging shapes on ORWO paper in the cat’s litter box ... :D

Times have changed and instead of the pore in the darkroom with a red bulb I click comfortable in the digital darkroom, but nostalgy for the photo chemistry still exists...

That’s it! Photographic equipment which has resulted in my return to an old beautiful times and in addition re-awakened my passion for photographing human emotions, characters, beauty and personality ... and I like to shoot again!

I hope that this time You does not disappoint me as in the nursery with bringing me the flu, :P I know about your poor reading - year-old fly, the eyes no longer what it used to, so I writes to you slowly and my wish list is very short. :)

Some time ago I started from Canon hardware and even your gifts also increased collection of gadgets from this type so I would also gladly stayed on this side of the power and I will be eternally grateful if you enlarge my modest collection of toys completed the perfect gift from you, very small dimensions but huge spirit and opportunities DLSR Canon EOS 5D Mark II. :) :) :)

You see, I do not have big requirements and no Santa Claus, I will not ask you for Canon EOS 6D or 5D Mark III - the time comes, the time comes: D

This noble equipment commonly respected, full-matrix cage, great image quality, sensitivity, and I know that now it is the best camera for me what I need and quite reasonable money - after all, many children also waiting for your gifts and in times of crisis, you have a limited budget :p

At the end cordially greet you and your reindeer - let them serve you faithfully for many years, and Snow White should always oversee your home when You furnish to us all these gifts and this year may you aptly went to all children :p

PS. Why don’t we plan a small photo session? ;) ;) ;) Yes, yes, I know, I know, I'm just kidding :D but can we?

Remain eternally grateful to you, Bartek 'saphire' Siębab

UPDATE: This year Santa gave me a pair of wireless transmiters Yongnuo YN-622C for Canon flashes - works like a charm :) THANKS!

Saturday 23 June 2012

Howto to list photos and videos from Your Picasa Web Albums or Google+ that are over a specified width, height or duration

Here is a method to list photos and videos from Your Picasa Web Albums or Google+ that are over a specified width, height or duration - to save a free space (1GB) if You don't have paid account:

1. First install Python 2.7.3 for Windows (or use your favourite *nix box) from here:

2. Then get this script from müzso page (see bottom):
and save it to c:\python27\

3. Run it in cmd box using Your G+ user id for example like this: Start->Run: cmd

4. Go to this directory so enter:
c:>cd c:\python27

5. Run script (substitute ididid with Your real G+ 21 digit user id):
c:\Python27>python.exe ididid >list.txt

6. Wait until finished and then You have all information in list.txt file

7. Now You can re-upload above photos in smaller dimension (max 2048x2048) and delete that big ones or edit them in-place and resize using Picasa Web Albums and Picnic Creative Kit accessible in ,,Action'' menu.

Credits and python script on müzso blog:

Tuesday 12 June 2012


"I love to photograph landscapes. Beautiful, raw, monumental... There's only one problem. They are all out there somewhere. You have to go to them, but I'm too lazy. Therefore I  photograph beautiful women. They come to me themselves."

I don't recollect if it is an quotation or it is mine thoughts but I like it ;-)

"Uwielbiam fotografować krajobrazy. Piękne, surowe, monumentalne... Jest tylko jeden problem. Wszystkie one gdzieś tam są. Trzeba do nich pójść, a ja jestem zbyt leniwy. Dlatego fotografuję piękne kobiety. One same do mnie przychodzą."

Nie pmiętam czy to cytat i ktoś już to powiedział czy to moja myśl ale lubię to  ;-)

Monday 2 January 2012

Finished Windows 2008 Server course

Managing Windows 2008 Server with Active Directory 2008 course and passed exam.